Turn Out The Lights…The Party’s Over

Viva Las Vegas?

I had no misguided delusions of this team winning the division at the beginning of the 2021 season. The past few days I have read various comments comparing Sergio Romo to a white flag, but you’ll see that I wrote on this very blog some months ago that I saw the Romo and Elvis Andrus acquisitions as a white flag with no implications of competing before a single ball was hurled or a single bat was swung.

It was simply lipstick on a pig.

It’s not practical for a team that is tip-toeing the paper-thin line between “good” and “average” to lose two All-Star caliber players (Marcus Semien, Liam Hendricks) and supplant them with two decrepit, below average players who are barely ML caliber. Who was relegated to pick up the slack? Because no one on this roster did–or was even capable–and the numbers to be replaced were insurmountable. The fact that either player stepped on the field wearing pajamas with Oakland stitched on the front was a middle-finger to the fans. A ruse. The same tired and time-honored baseball front office hoax of getting the fans interested by virtue of a recognized player who “did it in the past” rather than the ability to put up numbers for your team today–and the uneducated, fringe fans fall for it…every…single….time.

We as fans are supposed to “trust the process,” but where does a team go with a 29th ranked minor league system and zero ability to sign high profile free agents? Are we as Oakland fans to forever wish upon a star with the likes of Skye Bolt or a myriad of AAAA players? To dig through the trash to find somewhat capable players with obvious flaws and then leave it to management to disguise said flaws? Make no mistake about it, the contention window has closed with this current team, and with the threat of a move to Las Vegas imminent, these are times of high anxiety for fans of the green and gold. We are staring into the void of the baseball universe and having an existential crisis while the front office is trying to prove their craftiness by playing a glamorized version of Strat-O-Matic. Dare I say the Devil Rays have surpassed the A’s at their own game in this respect? A World Series appearance, the best record in the AL, and a stacked minor league system tells me…. hell yes.

Humbled and surpassed at our own Moneyball game as a billionaire con-man (John Fisher and his tasseled loafers can burn in hell) hiding behind the scenes uses the team, the city of Oakland, and MLB in order to extort and develop hundreds of acres of publicly owned land posing as a “stadium project.” In the end, this team we root for is just an asset for real estate development–the franchise itself is entirely immaterial to the bottom line.

These are disparaging times with no foreseeable reprieve.

18 thoughts on “Turn Out The Lights…The Party’s Over

  1. Ken Dowell

    As a Mets fan who watched the team crash and burn over the last month, reading this is a lot like having someone say to you, “what are you whining about, things could be a lot worse.”

  2. milton bradley is a bunghole.

    Now is when we turn our lonely eyes and perked up ears to A’s majority owner John Fisher. What do you say John? Are you 100% committed to 100% privately financing the $12 billion dollar cost for the new urban ballpark city plan at Howard Terminal? Do you have the means through the jeans or is there a Gap in your plan? Are you waiting on signing a deep-pocketed developer to be drafted by the A’s so that the 100% promise can be realized? Or are you counting on taxpayers to cough up nearly $1 billion?

  3. cheaphill44

    This reminds me of the e-mail exchange I recently got into with Gabe Lacques of USA Today after he wrote a glowing column about the Dodgers. (I am no Dodger hater, by the way.) I pointed out that with their payroll the Dodgers should be great, and that while the Braves were picking up Duvall, Rosario, and Soler at the deadline, the Dodgers were able to reel in Scherzer and Turner. Lacques replied with something like, other than those guys and Mookie, the Dodgers have developed their own players or picked up castoffs. Lacques doesn’t seem to want to acknowledge that other teams also draft and develop players, but then can’t afford to retain them. Anyway, the bottom line is, while your point is a bit different, I feel your frustration with Oakland. You want to tell Fisher something like, “Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining.”

    1. Gary Trujillo Post author

      I try not to get into the economics of the game because frankly, I find it depressing, but this sort of thing has been going on forever. The Yankees dominated the 50’s and 60’s because they were essentially stealing players from the lower echelon, (KC A’s being one) but no one talks about that…they just say “27 rings.” So payroll is kind of a moot point unless you’re a season ticket holder or an alcoholic. (more than a few beers at a baseball game can do serious damage to your budget) Thanks for the comment Hugh. I will be watching your Braves in the playoffs with a close eye.

  4. SeaGuy

    Maybe revv up the wayback machine and bring us back to the mid-1980’s when the A’s had the top minor league system: winning their leagues at almost every level.

    I was contemplating going to the game tonight, and then I noticed that the A’s had lost 10 straight to the lowly Mariners, who haven’t been to the playoffs in 20 years.

    Some of me was thinking that the law of averages would be on my side, for a win, but THAT didn’t even work out.

    Wednesday night is supposed to be raining… but with the roof and all, just bone-chilling cold.

    I’ll have all day to ponder the thought…

    It would require a lot of inspiration.


    1. Gary Trujillo Post author

      Yeah, the M’s have been a puzzle we can’t figure out this year, and as of this writing are only 0.5 games behind the RedSux for the Wild Card. Maybe that’s an inspiration? That Mitch Haniger guy has bent us over this year.

    1. Gary Trujillo Post author

      I love BoMel, but he’s shown this year that he has trouble with a bullpen and a team that isn’t completely predictable as far as guys having set roles. That being said, I hope he comes back next year because the guy is like heroin.

      1. J-Dub

        I get it on BoMel, but let’s be honest. Handling pitchers is a lot of luck. If you guess right more often than not, you’re a genius. If you guess wrong more often, you;re Dave Roberts 🙂

      2. Gary Trujillo Post author

        Losing BoMel is rough, especially considering we lost Ray Fosse as well, and they were the faces of the A’s. I understand why he left though…more money, guaranteed years and a chance to win. I don’t blame him. The A’s aren’t going to be good for awhile, and a lot of fan favorites are going to be traded in order to beef up a weak minor league system. That being said, I wish Bob well and hope the Padres win the WS next year.

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