Time Keeps on Slippin’…Into the Future

I guess ice cream sandwiches seemed more important.

All it takes is one minor “insignificant” thing to enter labyrinthine corridors that lead to dreams, memories, and fantasies…and watching the 1988 ALCS Game 3 on youtube was the meager catalyst that jolted the brain and shook free a few locked away memories that slowly clambered to the surface. Memories of childhood often walk that fine line of the unholy hybrid of the fictional and the real, and the rusty time capsule had been jarred open rather coarsely with a crowbar whether I liked it or not. The antique contents were tender reminders of budding times when you accepted the mysteries of oneself because there was no mystery to contemplate, you just are.

Tim C. was a boy who lived in my neighborhood and I remember watching the 1988 ALCS at his house, although the details tend to get foggy like a faded photocopy. (One detail that isn’t foggy is the Red Sox holding a 5-0 lead that ended in an eventual 10-6 loss) We would get bored and go outside to toss the football and once even walked to the store to get a soda, ice cream sandwiches, and baseball cards. I remember there were a considerable amount of commercials for the upcoming presidential election between George Bush and Michael Dukakis, but we didn’t care in the slightest who won–someone would probably punch you in the stomach at that age if you dared to talk about such nonsense. Besides, there were bigger debates like–who was hotter: Samantha Fox or the red-headed vixen dry-humping two Jaguars in the Whitesnake video? 

Her hit was, “Touch Me (I Want Your Body)”

Tim’s parents were never around, (they were notorious barflies) so his house was a bit on the grungy side, and damned if I can remember him ever offering me anything to eat or drink. He was an early example of the vulgar inequities of life–with his family being dirt poor–but he was a good athlete and wasn’t averse to getting into a fistfight with older boys so he was almost admired around the neighborhood. For reasons that elude me, I also remember that he had a poster of Led Zepplin’s Houses Of The Holy in his room, and I would often stare at the cryptic image of naked, golden-haired children crawling around an apocalyptic landscape in wonderment. This image resonated and unearthed murky, neolithic repressed memories perhaps representing a past and an ancient life long forgotten in an odd feeling of soul transference. Silly, I know.

After elementary school, we sort of outgrew each other, as boys tend to do, and friends seem to be transitory as you cultivate life as a 13-year-old. Forever gone was the world of battered bicycles, black eyes, and skinned knees. We would give each other knowing glances in the hallway but were worlds apart as growing teenagers. Tim, being far more mature than I, was already into heavy metal and girls, and I was sort of still trying to figure things out at this vulnerable age, albeit awkwardly while wearing Bugle Boy jeans, multi-color fluorescent t-shirts, and listening to generic pop music on a transistor radio covered with stickers.

Tim died in a car accident not long after graduating high school–something I didn’t find out about until years after the incident as I had already moved 500 miles away from our tiny little culture(less) vacuum. The driver was drunk, killing his wife as well as 19-year-old passenger Tim–who left this cruel world forever as a teenager and absorbed into the soil that constitutes a past.

11 thoughts on “Time Keeps on Slippin’…Into the Future

  1. retrosimba

    I am sorry for the loss of your friend, Tim. You honor him with a tribute that is genuine and heartfelt. You have enabled your readers to now know him, too, and that is quite a gift from one friend to another.

  2. Sea Guy


    but where were you when the A’s played TORONTO in a playoff series…

    and when an announcer said:

    “ELVIS has a better chance of coming back (than Toronto, in this GAME)…”

    before the next game, for which Toronto fans had a sign that said:

    “Elvis is alive and well in Toronto!”

    (and if that isn’t enough… bring back memories of the Canseco HR into the 5th deck there in Toronto)


    1. Gary Trujillo Post author

      Toronto got their revenge in 1992 so no tears shed here for them. It’s odd because now that you mention it, I can’t really recall where I watched it.

  3. badfinger20 (Max)

    Damn… Sorry about your friend.
    At 12-13 it’s an unsaid tie that breaks between guys without an argument or fight…just natural.

      1. badfinger20 (Max)

        No but I have one in the drafts folder…I’m trying to touch a lot of those bands from the 80s…anything but top 40 from that time if possible.

  4. SeaGuy

    Last night I saw a candidate for the dumbest baseball stat of all time:

    It seems that Mariners’ catcher (who knew?) “Cal Raleigh” is

    “THE FIRST MLB PLAYER whose last name is a U.S. state Capital AND who was born in that state (NC) since STEVE PHOENIX (born in AZ, but you guessed that) pitched for the A’s in 1995”

    IF ONLY there could be a baseball card of “Steve Phoenix” over in the margin at your website…

    come to think about it, “Shooty Babbit” (40 hits in 54 games for the A’s in 1981) wouldn’t be bad either.

    (*requisite clarity: “… wouldn’t be bad for HIS RANDOMNESS in that it would fit-in with the other relative A’s-related randomness of your photo collection”)

    All hail Rube Waddell… and Claudell Washington… and Herb Washington too, especially Herb Washington… aka “The Designated Runner”.

    Have you ever studied-up on Herb Washington? He the brainchild of Charlie Finley…

    105 career games, 33 career runs (*that’s 3 more than Billy Beane)

    not a pitcher… AND he NEVER had an official at-bat !!

    1. Gary Trujillo Post author

      Every A’s fan should know Herb Wasgington! He owns about a bunch of McDonalds in the Washington state area which is sort of his claim to fame these days. Pinch runners makes paper! I did some “research” on this Steve Phoenix guy (who I don’t remember) and he has a rookie card from 1995, albeit, with 3 other guys. He was pretty much a career minor leaguer.
      Thanks again for the interesting comment. You always seem to come with some cool facts.


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