Bring on the Sox

R.I.P Eazy

When I think of the White Sox I immediately think of N.W.A., Bo Jackson, Bill Veeck, Charles Comiskey, goofy softball uniforms. Carlton Fisk, Disco Demolition Night, Frank Thomas, Shoeless Joe Jackson, “Black” Jack McDowell, Tony LaRussa (this one is confusing), and last but not least….a completely wasted, living and breathing trailer-park-cliche father and son materializing from the stands to beat the shit out of an umpire

There’s a largely uncelebrated and rich history on the South-Side of Chicago, but much like the Oakland A’s, they hone their craft on the more working-class (black) side of town with “derelict” followers, so they get very little national screen time or respect from anyone in the baseball world but the rabid fan base that supports them. They are considered the plucky little brother from a city that can hardly pull their eyes away from the bourgeois North-Side Cubs that are synonymous with a large fan base of drunken college kids lurking in the bleachers, throwing up on themselves (and others) and not even bothering to at least go to the restroom to urinate when they’re not harassing and hurling death-threats at an innocent, headphone and turtleneck-wearing nerd.

Alas, there is a wealth of young talent on this exciting Sox team that would surely be household names if they played for the Yankees, with the likes of Tim Anderson, Eloy Jimenez, and Jose Abreau swinging the sticks, and Lucas Giolito and Dylan Cease taking the hill for the Medias Blancas de Chicago. And in an abrupt topic change, I would also like to take this time to thank the Sox for letting us defraud and embarrass them in the Jeff Samardzija for Marcus Semien and Chris Bassitt trade. We didn’t care much for Jeff in the East Bay anyway. Ribbing aside, I have much respect for this team and their history and I am looking forward to an exciting, highly competitive series that should be a treat for all baseball fans.

6 thoughts on “Bring on the Sox

  1. badfinger20 (Max)

    I’m still getting over the amazement that the regular season is already over. I’m looking forward to the playoffs.

  2. Wilbanks

    Samardzija for Semian/Bassitt is a killer trade! Also wild to think that the Sox gave up Tatis jr for James Shields. They should probably stop trading with Cali teams

    White Sox fans are great. I much prefer them to the bandwagon cubbies crowd, but not sure I’ve ever seen a team lose so much and still get so much preseason hype since… well since last year’s Browns. Sox almost pulled it off though! Until they finished the season 2-8 and lost the division by a single game

    Good luck to Oakland. Y’all and the Rays are a class above everyone else in the AL imo (“Yankees getting healthy blah blah blah” – nah)

      1. Wilbanks

        It didn’t. Especially the Yankees part good grief. RIP in peace to Cleveland’s Death Row-tation.

        Glad to see y’all rebound yesterday, especially with Bassitt. Big time A’s move beating a team with their former prospect.

        I think the issue with game 1 was starting a left-handed pitcher. The Sox have a 143 wRC+ vs lefties, which is just absurd. Might have to go Fiers/Montas over Manaea this afternoon

        I hope y’all win. And then go take care those pissant disastros for America

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