Josh Reddick is a douchebag

Fuck off forever.

The Astros pathetic and chicken shit apologies for cheating yesterday were more awkward than teenagers trying to have sex in the backseat of a car after too much drinking at the prom. It was inevitable but ultimately there seemed to be little earnestness and the “apologies” seemed to be the hubris of the entire organization.

But at least it was something…anything.

Josh Reddick, however, in one of the most sanctimonious interviews in baseball history, felt that it was “unnecessary to apologize.” What a douche-bag move and the worst decision of your career. Cody Bellinger told the media on Thursday that the Astros “stole the ring” and that “Altuve stole the MVP from Judge.” You think the players aren’t pissed about this? Do you think it’s going away and people will forget about it? Your legacies are tainted forever. The narrative here is that you’re a self-indulgent prick who doesn’t give a shit about the fans or even your peers–so why should we give a shit about you?

Reddick was a popular and likable player in Oakland at one time, (and this blog) deemed “Spiderman” because of his defensive theatrics, he then became an overpayed afterthought in Houston and now he’s become a completely worthless (still overpayed) ass hat. Take away the ridiculous contractual obligations and it’s debatable that he should even be in the league. The guy couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat.

I don’t know who will lead the league in home runs or RBI but I have a sneaking suspicion that this guy may lead the league in hit by pitches. Here’s to this guy picking himself up off the dirt while grimacing on his way to first base. Many, many times. The guy should have a panic attack every time he steps in the box. You dug your own grave, dude. Now it’s time to jump in.

15 thoughts on “Josh Reddick is a douchebag

  1. Kim

    Wow was I wrong about him!!!!! You’re right , what an asshole! That just makes me want to tear up all the pics my friend printed out for me!! What a waste to the MLB and the air I breathe!! PAYBACK IS A BITCH, BITCH ( formally known as josh who??? See you soon. Can’t wait. This season will very interesting I’m sure!!!💛💚💛💚

  2. badfinger20

    Thank You! Great post.
    When the Dodgers traded for him he didn’t hit at all and the fans let him know. He talked about them ever since.
    The word “cheated” never seemed to come up in their apologies that sounded like a lawyer briefed them on.
    What an incredible feat… the Astros have taken the Yankees place as the most hated team in baseball…I’ve never heard so much hatred come out of players and now GMs…the Nationals GM got some good words in also.

  3. Jason Coleman

    Every at bat of his this year will be truly predictable. He’ll strike out, whiffing at a slider low and away in the dirt, and throw his bat in disgust. Or he’ll get plunked, and throw his helmet in disgust. He’s going to lead the league in HBP this year by a mile.

  4. Steve Myers

    Gary, you write with incredible passion and insight! I’m liking the Astrodome more and more these days. Thoughts of Nolan Ryan and J.R. Richard and no one hitting home runs, no one hitting anything.

  5. retrodee

    I never liked that guy! And then when the Astros started winning, I started to dislike Jose Altuve even though he was one of my favorite stand alone players. Something was weird, that I couldn’t put my finger on. No, I’m not saying I knew he was cheating, I’m not psychic, but something I just didn’t like. He seemed fake somehow. Now we know the Astros are frauds.

    1. Gary Trujillo Post author

      Thanks for the comment Ande. I try to inject a little bit of humor in my stuff because, let’s face it, sports writing sucks. This comment means a lot–thanks again.


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