Baseball rants with the spirit of Milton Bradley running through me.

“Fuck yo couch!”

If anyone denies the “baseball is juiced” conundrum one just has to look at the career of Eric Sogard who had 11 career home runs in over 1,500 AB’s entering this season and 9 this year alone. More home-runs were hit in June than any other month in baseball history, including the steroid era. If MLB wanted to put this “shameful era” on the back-burner it sure isn’t displaying remorse as I’ve read numerous accounts of the baseball and its inner core being compromised after scientists with way too much time on their hands x-rayed and analyzed two different sets of baseballs, one of modern day and one before 2015. It seems like 40 home runs, once a milestone, will be humdrum, and which begs the question–who will be the next Brady Anderson? Shall we also judge and slander modern day players for HOF consideration because they played during the “juiced ball era?”

The baseball season can be summed up by the opposite theater masks of tragedy and comedy and the Yankees/Red Sox London Series was quite the definition of both. I watched the first game out of curiosity and was instantly turned off by both teams scoring 6 runs in the first inning. What some people see as an exciting, high-scoring game I just saw as bad pitching and a clown show. The first half of the first inning took 27 minutes alone. I’m not sure what kind of individual wants to watch a game with numerous pitchers entering to throw gas and dynamite on an open flame over a 4 hour period but I certainly don’t. I watched about 2 innings before the novelty wore off and I immediately changed the channel in order to watch old Twilight Zone episodes which were infinitely more interesting. I suppose the Yankees and their fans will be on the tongue of baseball fans everywhere until their eventual elimination by the Astros, the Twins or some random Wild Card team. The last sentence garnering a resounding “touche” or “you suck” with little discernible sway.

4 thoughts on “Baseball rants with the spirit of Milton Bradley running through me.

  1. Ken Dowell

    I’m with you on the Yankees-Red Sox games. Nothing is more annoying to me than watching one batter after another swing for the fences on every pitch.

  2. johnbrownson

    Certainly agree with you, about “Home Run Derbys”, masquerading as baseball games. Even though this is what makes non-fans groan about “nothing happening”, I’d much rather see a tight game, every hitter taking the pitcher deep into the count- and a no-hitter, of course, is as good as it gets.
    It’s possible, though, that there’s some other reason for a player’s numbers suddenly spiking. I’m thinking Hunter Pence, late of my own SF Giants, and now a Texas Ranger, who (at age 36) re-invented his swing, and is suddenly punching them out of the park. Of course, he’s hitting a live ball, too, and that may have something to do with it, but he was swinging at that same ball in San Francisco, and missing it, most of the time.
    Gawd, I wish the Giants hadn’t let him go….But, that’s another subject.

    1. Gary Trujillo Post author

      Perhaps he embraced the new “launch angle theory” 🙂 Kidding aside, I thought it was kind of dumb to vote for a DH. They should have just put a position player there.


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