Hello again!!!!

Dallas Braden and I a few weeks ago. Note the troll to the right.

I haven’t posted on this site for about a year due to my laptop being stolen and I simply couldn’t remember the password. I must have had a moment of clarity this morning after a few cups of coffee because I was futzing around with random e-mails and passwords when lo and behold….here I am. For you new readers, (and as long time readers know) this is a baseball site that is ripe for psychiatric scrutiny, and I am every inch the eighth dimension.

Please follow.

 I watched the A’s last night and it was an exciting affair with Frankie Montas pitching a gem and Matt Chapman hitting a 3 run walk-off for a 5-4 win over the Rays. Chapman is the best defensive 3rd baseman in baseball and should be an All-Star. Montas is having a solid season and is looking like the ace of the team; the absolute glamour queen on a stage full of ugly cretins who wouldn’t have a chance in hell of answering the cliche pageant question of, “How could we accomplish world peace?” The bullpen is a ticking time bomb and has caused much heartbreak and frustration so far this young season; an absolute atrocity that leaves me scratching my head in so many fits that one would think I had a case of head lice.

All that being said, I am looking forward to posting here again. See you soon.                                                

12 thoughts on “Hello again!!!!

  1. Jason M.

    And as soon as you posted this, Montas got hit with an 80-game PED suspension.

    If the Mets can reactivate 82-yr-old Phil Regan, I think it’s time for Oakland to summon Darold Knowles out of retirement.

  2. Jennifer Halligan

    Welcome back! I had hoped Montas was actually reaching his ceiling but big old let down (unless he has a 2013 Bartolosque 2020 and admits it instesd of making excuses he cant back up … he’s on my shitlist) The bullpen is in fact bad but is slowly improving and I honestly think .. If we have the same lineup and defense in 20 – we will! Along with a healthy Treinen and a delivered a healthy dose of reality Trivino, pick up Petit’s option (only a psychotic fool like trump wouldnt and No matter what happens no one in any position of power- even the manger of a fast food place – will ever be more- excuse my language but even those born as ” intellectually challenged individuals” – could ever be more literally retarded than literally trump – its safe to assume Petit will be back) Add a rotation of Fiers, Manaea, Luzardo, Pin and maybe Montas add a couple new lefties in the pen and that’s a WS caliber team IMHO. I sincerely can see it with Chappy, Krush and BoMel at the helm … I can see it! Anyways, police your work and am happy you are back! Go A’s!!! 💚🐘⚾💛

    1. Gary Trujillo Post author

      Thanks for the comment Jennifer. I think you’re right about that 2020 prediction but I’m still hoping for a Wild Card and a miracle run this year.

      1. Jennifer Halligan

        Ya know, I am starting to think that if we could get past the WC game there could be a chance this year and next! Did you see Luzardo tonite?? Nice debut for sure! Him in the rotation with Fiers and Manaea – and Murphy. I’ve loved Sean Murphy for like ever! He has such an unlikely journey to the majors and I don’t really understand why – known for defense, arm strength and his insane ability to throw out base stealers – I always felt like he had more pop in his bat that some scouting reports would say – but can you even imagine – pretty much the entire lineup has the potential to average 20 homers a year! Anyway, I’m not getting too excited just yet but if we can get into the WC game and win it – the Astros and Yankees should have reason to fear facing us in a five-game series (I seriously hate the 2nd WC so much! But that is a story for another day!) I was going through comments and saw yours and thought …. he’s even more right than he ever knew back in July!! This team is something else and worst case scenario – next year is gonna be sweet! But I can see the chance for a miracle run now. It’s right there within our grasp and we could do the same in 2020! Incredible group of players! Gotta love the kids from Oakland! 😀

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