A’s spank Giants and win 3 of 4.

A's spank Giants.I see him almost everyday hanging out in front of the taco stand. He is an old man, probably around 70 years old with a funky sort of style. Today he is wearing gold crushed velvet pants and a fluorescent orange cowboy hat. When I first saw him I thought he was homeless, but his wardrobe is much too vast for that to be true. He defies authority and that is a beautiful thing.
“That Oakland ball-club has been kicking the Giants ass,” he said.
I was a little taken aback–I had never spoken to the man besides a “hey” or a slight nod of the head. I suppose he had seen me wearing the green and gold on numerous occasions. Apparently I wasn’t the only person that noticed small details.
“Sure has,” I said and gave him a smile.

Sure, the A’s still have a terrible record of 35-44; but we made the Giants look foolish in a 4 game series and I can take respite in that.

“Little things seem nothing, but they give peace, like those meadow flowers which individually seem odorless but all together perfume the air.”–Georges Bernanos

6 thoughts on “A’s spank Giants and win 3 of 4.

  1. johnbrownson

    Painful as it was (for this Giants fan), the fact that something like this can happen- and frequently does- is one of the things I love most about Baseball. It can’t even be attributed to overconfidence; baseball players know better than to make that mistake. It’s just that, for a hundred different reasons, a team can suddenly catch fire, and totally savage a much better team, who may be having a so-so night…and then, they can come out the next night, and do it again. It’s true that the Gints are limping a little, right now, but they should have been able to put the A’s away, at least three out of four, but that’s not the way the Baseball Gods wanted it. gotta love it.
    And, what the hell… Go A’s!

  2. Bruce Thiesen

    The sector of Giants fans who can’t remember if they’re going to a baseball game or an Oracle fan fest were probably a bit stunned by the A’s the first three games. Baseball fans know that these things happen and saw the mistakes that the Giants made and appreciated the good pitching from the new kids on Monday and Wednesday. It’s all good to me. I split the time between all four broadcast booths during the four-game set. Fun series.

  3. muhandis5

    Watching the game that Peavy pitched, I was shocked at the number and type of errors. I, and apparently so did Peavy, thought we were watching my daughters t-ball team play. I started to wonder if the Giants were purposely trying to lose to get back at Peavy. But 3 of 4 says that the Giants have deeper problems than what I saw.

    The A’s consistently shock me with their ability to turn it on; at times they look like playoff contenders, but most of the time they look like the Giants in these four games.

    Go A’s!


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