Spring Training Update

saveI’m smoking a cigarette; a Camel non filter– the tiny object representing American ingenuity by the label being printed on the lit end. The Viet-Cong couldn’t identify the U.S. onslaught by a simple identification…blown away in the stressed out breeze.

Spring training is boring.


Cut and dry. I’d rather give a shout out to fellow bloggers that I enjoy:





3 thoughts on “Spring Training Update

  1. steve

    Well shight and hot lamb! Thanks for the shout out and this may sound impossible but yesterday I was talking to a a friend at work and trying to remember that rapper who maybe sampled Charles Mingus but definitely had some stand up bass in the beginning and then I wake up to this and it’s not the first time we’ve enjoyed some of that sweet whatever the word for amazing synchronicity would be.

  2. Bruce Thiesen

    The thing about Spring Training for me is that it really isn’t for the fans. Oh, sure. There was a day when we could go down there and walk into the field, relax in the sun and “get close,” etc. But that was before MLB figured out that they could extend the season to charge. Now, it’s just another revenue source. And how many times do we have to hear that none of this matters, the pitchers are not really pitching, but working on their new pitches, throwing rhythms, and getting into playing shape and that the hitters are just trying to see the ball, try something new, etc.? Of course that’s what they are doing. So, let’s stop talking about it.

    All that said, it’s still a ritual that brings a good feeling. Sort of like the guy who gave up Christmas, but still enjoys the slower pace of a few days at the end of the year.

    And, what a kind thing for you to include me in your blog list, Gary.This is very thoughtful of you and an honor for me. Thank you.


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