4 thoughts on “C’mon, come see a game!

  1. steve

    That was well worth the 45 seconds. Thank you! Davey Lopes and a little help from b-ref has me thinking 1982? At first I thought it was Steve McCatty on the mound, but the Brian Kingman card here at Coco Crisp Afro has me wondering if maybe it’s him? Either way, a classic and not an ad..more like a vaudeville skit; makes players seem more real; shooting the shit at work and sitcoms often popping up and someone getting Haskeled and someone else Beavered.

    1. Gary Trujillo Post author

      I was curious myself, Steve so I e-mailed Kingman and he told me it was McCatty. He also added, “I saw more than enough of Billy on the field.”

      “Rickey could never tell McCatty and me apart, which is a little stranger than it sounds since we had our names on the backs of our jerseys !”

      1. steve

        How wonderful that you email Kingman and he answers the question. He said “Rickey could never tell McCatty and me apart.” He probably meant to say Billy rather than Rickey, but either way, not telling the two apart at a time when names were on uniform backs speaks to Billy’s blinding dark shades? drunk blur? something else? Whatever it was …what a great answer Kingman gave you!! Thanks for sharing that Gary.

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