Random thoughts and Rollie Fingers riding a dolphin.

rollie Just a few random thoughts……The A’s bullpen has stunk this season. The Jim Johnson fiasco and Luke Gregerson’s 7 blown saves has given a crap team like the Angels a chance to compete. (and let’s face it, Bob Melvin has enough on his plate– worrying about 3 platoon catchers, Brandon Moss’ slump, where to play him and all that jazz.) There are the people who think the ‘pen is fine based on BABIP and SIERA , (no, not Ruben!) but I tend to go with my eyes rather than a bunch of stats conjured from thin air by numbers-crunchers and the jobless. It gets so ridiculous at times that you wonder how they could ever cross the street until they figured out the Pythagorean projection of success. (A note to the ladies…they are most likely bad in bed.)….

…Is former Athletic and current Astro Chris Carter the new Dave Kingman? His stats suggest so. He has amazing power, low batting average, strikes out a lot, yet throw a hanger and that fucker will have its own stewardess. The only difference being that Chris is a soft-spoken “good guy” and Kingman was known for being one of the game’s biggest assholes…so much so that after hitting 35 round-trippers no one signed him….and he NEVER PLAYED AGAIN…

…The vape pen is the best thing to ever happen for all you low-key weed smokers/baseball fans. It’s compact, and you can get your smoke on without any of those corny ass, nosey, do-gooders getting in your face for no good goddamn reason. It’s the perfect ballpark accessory. (this works extra well late in the post-season and early summer when the “on the cusp” bring their kids and ignorantly see the ballpark as Disneyland.)…

The season is slowly/quickly and sadly coming to an end.




8 thoughts on “Random thoughts and Rollie Fingers riding a dolphin.

  1. Glen Russell Slater

    I had to look up those two things that are supposedly sabermetrics. BABIP and SIERA. I am NOT going to even TRY to figure out what they mean…. heck, I’m too lazy to figure out what WHIP, OPS, and WAR is. (What IS WAR GOOD FOR? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.)

    WHIP sounds kinky, OPS sounds like OOPS (in other words, errors), and BABIP (what is this, a new one?) sounds like a kind of jazz music that Dizzy Gillespie specialized in.

    SIERA is a desert as far as I’m concerned.

    Note: There are some people, including me, who believe that Kingman wasn’t signed after that big home run year in Oakland NOT because he’s allegedly a PRICK (which sounds like another sabermetric, doesn’t it? PRICK could mean “Putouts versus RUNS that INSINUATE CALLED STRIKES”. (K’s).)

    I believe he wasn’t signed because of what we’ll call the Kingman Dilemma. Remember, he finished with 442 home runs. If he hit 35 home runs a year (as he did in his last season of ’86), he would have had 512 home runs by 1988. Which would mean that they would almost be OBLIGATED to put a guy who’s perceived as being such a lousy all-around ballplayer into the Hall of Fame.

    By the way, Kingman wasn’t as lousy an all-around ballplayer as people tend to think of him. He was WORSE.

    Seriously, though, he could bunt for a base hit (he was deceivingly fast.) He could also pitch in a pinch. He couldn’t field, that is true; in the outfield, he made Babe Herman look like Garry Maddox.

    Now, REMEMBER, Kingman sued Major League Baseball for collusion (collusion was a big word in ’86 in baseball circles, because a LOT of players weren’t signed by anyone.) Anyway, Kingman sued baseball for collusion, and he WON.

    I think ther’es something to my theory of team’s getting together and agreeing not to sign Kingman because if he made the Hall of Fame, which he probably would have with the over 500 non-steroid induced home runs that he would have accumulated had he continued playing, it would make the Hall of Fame look pretty darn silly.

    (Even sillier than one-year wonders like Andre Dawson, the Dave Clark Five of baseball, being inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.)


    1. Gary Trujillo Post author

      “PRICK could mean “Putouts versus RUNS that INSINUATE CALLED STRIKES”. (K’s).)” Best thing I’ve heard ALL DAY! That’s awesome Glen!

      Andre Dawson..yeah, he’s a HOFer. Was he one of the “best” outfielders of his era? No; but he was a solid, even really good player with a humble attitude, and that was enough….even for me. But then again…I am turned off by HOF talk more than a gypsy in Barcelona trying to sell me baking powder and pawning it off as cocaine.

      1. steve

        Glen and Gary, more metrics bashing? When does this soft core civil war end? A Nay Say circle jerk?. Come on already. Dionne Warwick and Earl Weaver’s instincts already screwed on meatloaf’s dashboard lights and it was a jackpot of numbers; best of both worlds.

        I agree with you Gary. The HOF debate is the most boring baseball related activity I’ve ever known, but I prefer the way you put it; gypsy cocaine and what not in Spain.

  2. Dee Cee

    My god I cringe everytime Gregerson comes to the mound. It’s like watching BP at times & as soon as he gets in a groove & is doing well they talk about how good he’s been then BAM Batting Practice… I had extremely high hopes this season & as the end nears my hairline rises

    1. Gary Trujillo Post author

      If you look at it statistically, a relievers career usually isn’t very long and the end comes relatively fast, almost shockingly so….that’s why I’m so leery…I don’t want my team to lose ground to “guinea pigs.” But, that’s the name of the game, and life, I suppose.

  3. Jason M.

    As a Mets fan who lived through 2007 and 2008, I’ll say that it’s best to have your bullpen melt down in August, not September. Your team is still well situated enough to bounce back; Moss won’t slump forever. As for Dave Kingman, who was so beloved that he was once traded for a washed-up Bobby Valentine, can you imagine what he would have done in 1987, the year of the juiced ball?!


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