i guess  Here I am again, sitting by the poolside with a screwdriver, one of my favorite adult beverages. You may think that I’m trying to be a braggart, but L.A. summers are hot, man. I’m not having the time of my life or anything. Mind you, I live in a post WW 2 bungalow (L.A. is known for these….look for them in just about EVERY movie) so I don’t have air conditioning. Yep….tough times.

  OK…OK….on to baseball. As you may or may not know my answers are unfiltered and to-the-point, often poignant but always unsentimental, not rude but refusing to infest the garden of honest human communication with the Victorian-seeded, American-sprouted weed of pointless politeness. What was the question you asked?

Well, the A’s sucking major ball-sack lately.

The A’s hitting has been anemic since “the trade”. They are 7-10 since trading the “Cuban Missile” and have currently lost 7 out of their last 8.  They got a great ace in Lester but traded their 4 hitter to get him. Losing Cespedes has an effect on your 3 an 5 hitters and, ultimately, your entire lineup…..and that’s fine. There is a philosophy at work here. And that philosophy is based on “gamers”, L/R matchups (the baseball du jour) and amazing starting pitching.

 I’ll take the above mentioned any day of the week over a guy who had an OBP of barely .300 and would make a great play every now and then. This is baseball…it takes patience, articulation and grittiness to win. If I know anything about this team….we’ll be alright. This is a desperate plea to all the nerds out there in internet land….CALM DOWN! I DON’T KNOW EVERYTHING! ENJOY BASEBALL! SOMETIMES YOU LOSE! LIFE GOES ON! QUIT BLOWING UP MY INBOX! …..and now…..back to my screwdriver.

2 thoughts on “SLUMP!!!!

  1. glenrussellslater

    I’ll confess that I had to look up who “The Cuban Missile” is. If this guy Lester gets in a pitching slump, I guess they’ll call it “The Cuban Missile Crisis.”

    Speaking of Cuba, do you know who the Hispanic Jackie Robinson is? It wasn’t Clemente. It was “The Cuban Comet”, Minnie Minoso. Yet, he’s getting ignored when it comes to Hall of Fame voting. But he was screwed by segregation early in his career. Take a look at his stats on Baseball Reference. How can there be any argument??? And there are so many articles written by people who think the same way that I do. But look up his statistics and see for yourself.

    I never had a screwdriver except to drive screws. I never had a mixed drink except for many sambucas (spelling???), courtesy of the barmaid weekend day at the Tudor Pub on Grand Avenue in Baldwin, New York back in 1985 and I was drunk off of my ass. EVERYBODY was. And I’m not sure if that’s even a mixed drink. And everybody kept on playing this crazy song on the jukebox, over and over. We were laughing our asses off. I can’t recall ever having a better time, as everyone was singing along to this crazy song and laughing our asses off!

    By the way, Gary, I know that being in the visual arts as you are, you’ll also appreciate the antics of the great Buster Keaton on here.

    It’s by Gary Lee and The Showdown. “The Rodeo Song”.


  2. Tony's Sports Pub

    I agree that loosing your 4 hitter really has an up and down effect on a lineup.It’s happening to Wright over In Queens.He hasn’t been the same since having Beltran’s and Delgado’s protection.Funny how my favorite team’s (Mets) GM was also the GM of my favorite childhood team (A’s).


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