The incomparable Coco Crisp


Joe from the Shlabotnik Report made this custom “baseball card” just for The Fro! Thanks, Joe. You can check out his site here…

In some ways, the home run is like the bright colors in a modern painting. They immediately attract attention, and for those not schooled in viewing modern art, they may overshadow other more subtle tones that are of equal or greater interest. But for those who appreciate the variety of baseball strategies and skills, the home run is not required. And importantly, the walk is not inherently disappointing. The walk opens up new tensions, new aesthetic possibilities, new kinds of drama, new story lines.   — R. Scott Kretchmar

Coco Crisp was the singular player that made my mother fall in love with baseball. What makes it an interesting, even head-scratching affair was that she was in her 50’s when this happened. (A testament to his likability and edge of your seat playing style.) Perhaps it was his strange batting stance– bat held high and chin resting firmly on shoulder in an almost exaggerated motion. Or maybe it was simply because he always had a smile on his face and looked like he was actually having fun out there. (Hello, Mark Ellis!) She loved the tension in the ballpark when he was on the bag and eagerly awaited the eventual stolen base attempt. (surprisingly, he has only led the league once, with 49 swipes in 2011.) “He’s like a little flea!” she would exclaim.

As much as I love home runs, for me the most exciting plays in baseball are the triple, the stolen base and the bench clearing brawl. And as Coco could conceivably achieve 2 of these 3 in any game, he became one of my favorite players as well. (I digress– Crisp did actually charge the mound as a member of the Red Sox. James Shields had come up too far and inside buzzing Coco’s “junk.” Crisp ran at Shields at full speed, side-stepping a wild, girly haymaker before throwing one of his own. He was eventually tackled which gave current teammate Jonny Gomes the opportunity to pummel the now incapacitated Crisp. After the fracas Crisp had a smile on his face whereas Shields looked like he was going to cry.)

7 thoughts on “The incomparable Coco Crisp

  1. glenrussellslater

    I agree with you, Gary. The home run is over-rated. I like the running game better. “Billyball”, “Small Ball”, “Whiteyball” (Whitey Herzog and his Cardinals teams of the 1980s had this down pat), whatever one wants to call it.


      1. glenrussellslater

        …And ironically, it’s coming in an era AFTER the Royals got rid of their artificial turf. Of course, the Royals did employ a lot of speed in their artificial turf years….. Willie Wilson comes to mind first, and there were others. But not as much as now, I guess. Do you know that I think that Royals Stadium was the only stadium that, in my opinion, looked BETTER with artificial turf? It might be that the Royals organization took better care of their artificial turf. On some stadiums artificial turfs, there were stains on them in some places, and it looked crappy. But not at Royals Stadium! To me, it was the classiest of the modern stadiums, with the water fountain past the outfield fence, etc. It even looked good on television. Then there were dumps (in my opinion) like Three Rivers Stadium and some others. No offense if you happen to be reading this, W.K., but Three Rivers Stadium was not a nice stadium. Of course, I never saw it except on TV. Maybe it was built more with football (the Steelers) in mind. I assume that it was. And let’s face it, Pittsburgh and its surroundings is football country, plain and simple, from the Steelers on down to high school football. Other sports must take a back seat in Pittsburgh.


  2. b2bwayne

    Gary and Glen…I agree! The running game seems to be a forgotten thing the last several years. By the way, don’t mess with Coco Crisp! – Wayne

  3. steve

    Every once in a while I gotta chew gum and talk like a valley girl. I coulda kept reading this for 5 more pages and I have terribly short attention span. This is a totally awesome ode to your favorite player Coco Crisp!


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