Time travel….1910

10258640_510189719103131_8560875975986433485_nDuring the first decade of the 20th Century cartoon ads from Underoof Bourbon and Rye Whiskey appeared regularly in Chicago newspapers. The image above is referring to pitcher and future Hall of Famer “Chief” Bender’s win in game 1 of the 1910 World Series. Bender gave up 3 hits and one unearned run as the Philadelphia Athletics beat the Chicago Cubs 4-1 in a mind-blowing one hour and 54 minutes. The Athletics would eventually go on to win the World title beating the Cubs in 5 games. (back then it was the best of 5) I find it interesting to note that the attendance for this particular World Series game was 26,891. We should contemplate and consider the fact that if a modern team averaged that many paying customers they would be threatening to move to Montreal.

Welcome to another edition of virtual time travel. Imagine the possibilities! Your father wakes you up, drunk as a skunk on Old Underoof Whiskey and asks you if you would like to take in the first game of the World Series that afternoon. ticket(You can tell because his eyes are blood-shot, and he stumbles a bit on a toy train you had left on the floor; unlike other drunks though, he is happy and generous when on the drink.) Oh boy! You throw on your knickers and knee socks, comb your hair and you feel like the king of the world. Mom has breakfast ready and you take a sip of Ol’ pops coffee and immediately regret it. Mom had been getting on Pop’s case for drinking too much so he simply put the hootch in his coffee thinking that this would pacify her. She knows what he’s doing, of course, because of the overwhelming whiskey stench. (and secretly hoping that his generosity will carry over for purchase of that suit she saw in the window the other day- although the 22.50 price tag was a bit steep.) No matter. He is having none of this nonsense because today we are taking in a ball-game.  The eggs and toast are quickly gorged and after giving Mom a kiss on the cheek, out the door you go. You both walk a couple of blocks, hang a left, Pop gets a shoeshine for a nickel….and there it is…Shibe Park!

number 1 song

a very popular movie of the time.










4 thoughts on “Time travel….1910

  1. William Miller

    Damn, That’s some great old footage. My dad introduced me to Dr. Pepper. That was about the hardest stuff he ever drank. The movies (12 minutes long!) were nearly as short as the ballgames back then. Funny how we’re supposedly busier than ever as a society, yet our forms of entertainment seem to drag themselves out for so much longer.
    Great post,

    1. Gary Trujillo Post author

      If I was to take a guess, I would say that people had MUCH less time on their hands. We as a society have more time for leisure than at any point in history….so why not blow it watching 3 hours of home run derby!? (that was sarcasm)

      1. steve

        watching three hours of home run derby and being happy is hero to me; especially adults. I wish i could do it, but bores the shit out of me. I’ve never met a self proclaimed enlightened deconstructor of society who had much happiness. Church bingo with a smuggled in flask seems underrated.

  2. Jason M.

    Fascinating to watch the A’s jump onto home plate instead of just running across it. I always thought Reggie Jackson had invented that on the fly during the 1973 World Series. Turns out, it was just his A’s DNA speaking…


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