Haters gonna Hate.

bmoW3ZjThis post is just a reminder of all the “fun” that some readers of this blog are missing on the Facebook page. These are just a few of the nasty comments I receive daily from mostly *cough* Giants fans.  (After bringing up the fact that Giants owners are treating territorial rights over San Jose like they were bestowed to them at birth. The truth is, former A’s owner Walter Haas gave the Giants ownership rights of Santa Clara County when it appeared that the team might move to Florida. He felt it was in the best interests of baseball (not his wallet) to have two teams in the Bay Area.) All the misspellings were left as-is so you could enjoy the comments in their most pristine form of expression.



***Wow really relevant going back 25 years to make a point. It must suck always being #2 behind the giants if you have to go that far back. Try to win a world championship sometime this decade then run your bitch ass mouth. By the way the team that last one a title for you was all roided up. They were called the bash brothers cause they bashed each other in the ass with needles. Kiss our more recent rings you little bitch
your the reason why the a’s and their so called fans are a joke in the bay. Get a life you queer. So what if I’m on a a’s page I like to laugh at all the stupid shit you don’t know. Plus I’m standing up for my homie who made you look stupid and you went and became a little bitch and banned him. This has nothing to do with my name or profession so that shit ain’t fading me. This is about you Brian a bitch ass a’s fan that don’t know shit and runs and hides when he can’t take a beating from real fans that have rings from the 2000’s. Keep hating you punk ass bitch. No skin off my balls that by the way were in your moms mouth last night

***You are an embarrassment to As fans. Your crude comments just show how unintelligent you are. They have no substance rooted in actual knowledge of baseball. This is Facebook and your picture and comments are circulated on more than just As fans news feeds. I did not seek this page out. Dont flatter yourself. Btw Coco cut his afro….bye Felicia

***Does anyone remember the Giants fans of Candlestick Park? You almost had to sign a waiver if you bought bleacher tickets because there undoubtedly would be a fight at least twice a game. The Park sucked and the fans were a bunch of hippies and deadbeats.funny a's fan! Look at the Giants and their fan base now and you wouldn’t even know it was the same team. But that’s not what bothers me. What I find offensive is that If you asked the current crop of fans, they’d act as if those fans never existed; that the Giants of today and PacBell Park, with is aristocratic food menu and fascist ushers, have always been the image of the Giants organization. This is typical SF limousine liberalism that disavows its past if that past is ugly.

*** They are having an amazing season for a team of relative nobody’s. still plenty of baseball left for them to sputter out and choke. One last quick thing…. How many A’s players are all stars this year and last year? What’s that, close to none? Ooooops. Great fans over there in the war zone called Oakland.

***oh please…are you finished…since when does anybodys fan base get up on theyre collective feet and start chanting after losing…don’t you forget coco the giants are still the world champions stick that in your big mouthed chant and smoke it..since when did the a’s turn into a bunch of fucking babies..no wonder you choke at the end of the year..good luck losing

***Although Donald Sterling and Michael Sam make for good human interest stories, it’s important to remember that basketball and football are games designed for children, and all sports are irrelevant.


10 thoughts on “Haters gonna Hate.

  1. steve

    And the Giants were so close to relocating to Toronto in 1976. A lot of Giant’s fans forget that. A lot of Giant’s fans have their head up their asses. The Giants copied the Dodgers move to LA anyway. I say kick the Giants out of the Bay area and keep the A’s. Forget that Hoarry Ass Stoneman.

    but then again, like my home boy George St. Pierre-former UFC world champion and pride of Quebec says, I love my adversaries. They make me live or something like that. I guess it rings real when you’re face gets bloodied in the ring.

  2. William Miller

    Gary, Wish I could say I’m surprised at how awful those comments are, but unfortunately, I’m not. Whether you choose to read the Disqus comments under news stories on CNN.com, or the comments left under Youtube videos, it’s clear that there will never be a shortage of assholes in America. I abandoned Facebook about two years ago, and Twitter about three weeks ago. Biggest problem? Way too many people have too much time on their hands.

  3. verdun2

    As a lifelong Dodgers fan, I find it difficult to say anything good about the Giants. So I’m not surprised. You might remind them that the A’s are 3-0 against the Giants in World Series play (1911, 1913, 1989).

    1. Anonymous

      A typical Giants fan response, “win one this decade.” I can’t believe I actually felt sorry for them and actually PULLED for them to win their first series. Now their fans act like they’re the friggin’ Yankees!

  4. glenrussellslater

    Gary, I agree with Bill Miller in that I’m not surprised at all by the comments. It’s sad. People are real big shots behind their computer keyboards, but they are mostly cowards. Also, I agree with you about Facebook, but for a different reason. I just find it boring and depressing. It’s like an electronic high school reunion where your more affluent former classmates post photographs of the plate of corn beef hash and mashed potatoes that they ate for supper at the Waldorf Astoria the previous evening (They take the photographs BEFORE they ate it, generally) in order to “subtly” demonstrate how they made it so big in life and to rub it in your face (without seeming TOO obvious about it.) So I find Facebook not only depressing, but boring, as well. There are exception, though. I’m sure that your A’s page is good, and there was a page about my hometown that I enjoyed somewhat (with old photographs of the good ol’ days.) But I got out of Facebook a while ago and did not look back.

    Two things, though. I thought that Comment #3 from your Facebook page was actually articulate and well-put, particularly the Limousine Liberal part, at least judging from what I’ve heard about San Francisco today (very yuppie). I don’t know about “deadbeats and hippies” at Candlestick, though; when I was at Candlestick in when I was 16 years old (summer of 1977), what I noticed the most was that I came to the game in a T-shirt (it was a BVD undershirt, to be accurate), and I didn’t feel out of place at all. Except that no one else was foolish enough to wear a BVD undershirt to a Giants game at Candlestick; it was appropriate attire until about the 5th or 6th inning, at which time I had sneaked to better seats, from the bleachers, sitting behind Terry Whitfield, to behind home plate, where a couple of drunk fans were cussing out Gary Thomasson. At this time, I felt like I was in an arctic zone, and I regretted wearing no more than an undershirt to the game. The wind was blowing so hard and it was freezing!!!! But the fans there, well, they seemed like regular Shea Stadium fans that I was used to.

    As far as what Steve said, I would politely like to correct him on the Dodgers-Giants thing. The Giants didn’t “copy” the Dodgers in moving to California; it wasn’t as simple as that. Walter O’Malley worked hard to persuade Horace Stoneham (Giants owner) to make the move to California with the Dodgers. O’Malley didn’t do this because he was so crazy about having Stoneham on the West Coast with him. Believe me, O’Malley was for O’Malley and for making money, and that’s all. Screw Brooklyn and its citizens, said O’Malley.

    The fact is that O’Malley would not have gotten approval from the league to move the Dodgers to California if there wasn’t at least one other National League team there. It would not have been worth all the travel and expense for the rest of the league; after all, at the time, the most “western” team in the league was the St. Louis Cardinals. He needed at least one other team to go to the coast with him, whether it be the Giants or whoever. So he pushed Stoneham and he pushed him hard. Stoneham eventually agreed to move the Giants, and O’Malley was thus able to give the proverbial middle fingered salute to Brooklyn and its fine citizens, including my Grandfather, who was from Brownsville and was a big Dodger fan and the biggest Yankee hater who ever lived. My grandfather hated the Yankees and waited until the Mets came along to do anything but cuss out the Yankees for five years New York was without a National League franchise.

    Steve, as for your mention of your mention of the Giants almost becoming “The Toronto Giants”, I remember it like it was yesterday. In fact, if I recall, it was just a few weeks or maybe even days from actually happening, when Peter Lorrie bought the Giants from the Stoneham family, thus keeping the Giants in San Francisco.


    1. Gary Trujillo Post author

      HA! I get a kick out of Facebook in a lot of ways. It sort of gives me an uppity feeling of knowing that I was RIGHT about most people as a young, punk rock “anarchist.”
      and it’s kind of fun to laugh at self absorbed plebes. I’m tired of shaking my head in disgust. Really, though, I just did a page to up my readership. It’s worked like a charm.
      I’ve read so much Doris Kearns that it would be impossible NOT to know the history of those two franchises…but it’s good to read it again and refresh my helpless cerebrum! Thanks for the comment..they are always great and informative!

  5. glenrussellslater

    I also want to recommend this book, which is where I found out about that stuff about how Walter O’Malley persuaded Horace Stoneham to move to California with him. It’s “The Dodgers Move West”, by Neil Sullivan, and it’s an unsentimental, sober, and pragmatic look at what actually happened. It shows that O’Malley was the chief guy at fault, but that Mayor Wagner of New York, who was completely apathetic, and the equally reprehensible Robert Moses. (yes, as reprehensible as Wagner, and in so many ways other than the Dodgers’ eventual move. Moses was a powerful man in New York, and a ruthless one, as well.


  6. glenrussellslater

    Doris Kearns Goodwin. Yup. Gary, do you know that her book called “Maybe Next Year” takes place on the street where she grew up, on Capitolian Boulevard in Rockville Centre, New York. I lived in the next town, Baldwin, and I used to have a friend that lived on Capitolian Boulevard, as well.
    She IS a fine writer and a fine historian, as well.



  7. glenrussellslater

    Wait. Her book is called “Wait Til Next Year”. What the heck am I talking about???



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