Bitch Be Gone!!!

bonds begoneunder” Bonds is completely, undeniably 100 percent full of shit. He truly is. I no longer buy his love of baseball history any more than I buy the sanctity of his marriages or the purity of his blood stream. I was at Shea when the Giants came to New York a few weeks ago, and I had to laugh when hundreds of my media peers swarmed around him for comments. I understand why they were there, but it’s a waste of time. Nothing he says holds any meaning. He’ll say the sky is blue one second and red the next. He loves Dusty Baker, then he hates him. So on and so on. Bonds cares no more about baseball history than does my goldfish. He knows what Hank Aaron went through to hit 755 home runs, and he was more than happy to cheat, load up on steroids and HGH and surpass him. I’ve maintained some contacts, and I know of no one who’s actually happy that he’s breaking the record. It’s like I wrote in the book—Bonds has never treated people especially well, so there’s very little loyalty for the man. Do you root for someone who refused to sign a ball for your kid? Who ignored you when you asked for advice? Who told you you couldn’t carry his jock? I still often think of Dan Peltier, the former Giant backup who brought his young son to the team’s Family Day. When Bonds asked the kid to name his favorite ballplayer, he said, “My dad!” To which Bonds replied, “Why? He never plays.”

(Jeff Pearlman, Bonds’ biographer)

5 thoughts on “Bitch Be Gone!!!

  1. Tall Tales and True Stories

    When I received this post in my e-mail just now, I was curious as to what you might be talking about. I was thinking that I was the only one who despised Barry Bonds. What a relief it was when I read the actual article and could see that it was sarcasm!

    Thanks for accepting the invitation to my blog, by the way, Gary.


  2. Gary Trujillo Post author

    There is a picture of me somewhere on this blog giving the Angels World Series trophy the bird…yet, I am elated that they won the Series that year and not the fucking Giants.

  3. steve

    I haven’t done a door to door census, but it seems clear that outside of san francisco, everyone hates barry bail bonds and have hated him for quite some time. It’s incredible how many times Keith Olbermann can say the same thing over and over and over and over. Olbermann and Bonds-two sides of smugness.

    Keith seems very dependent on villains like Bonds. His speech sounds similar to George Bush and his axis of evil state of the union address.

    The thing I don’t get is baseball being treated like some moral high ground, sacred sport. Any interesting book or movie or Bible is filled with vice and temptation and individuals that live as Olbermann Uber Alles says “in total darkness and lack of self awareness.”

    Kids might even wear Barry Bonds costumes for Halloween. Can’t say the same thing about Dale Murphy.

    Maybe I was supposed to feel enlightened, but Olbermann’s rant is more entertaining than anything else. Either way it probably helps his ratings and raises baseball to WWF levels of good guy-bad guy entertainment. Very exciting.

    I wonder what team the devil would play on? I guess it wouldn’t matter. Every clubhouse has the seeds of the 7 deadly cardinal sins. I know I have mine with me everywhere I go.

  4. Gary Trujillo Post author

    Yep. I thought the same thing, I just posted this for sensationalist reasons. If baseball isn’t fun, then what’s the point? Even though Bonds is a cock, the Giants as an organization are far more despicable. I DO, however, think it’s interesting that Bonds went from looking like The Incredible Hulk to looking like he has an un-curable disease.


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