Hall of Famer Dennis Eckersley has some interesting opinions about his fellow inductees. Enjoy!

  On Rod Carew: “ I had this thing with Rod Carew. I had thrown at him or something, knocked him down, and he took me deep the next time and yelled at me around the bases. At the All- Star game in 1977 he came up to me and said, “What’s your problem?” I didn’t  like him. I don’t think he liked me, either. A year later I had an 8-0 shutout in Boston in the ninth inning with 2 outs, and he steals second base. asshole. Next guy hits a ground ball between the second baseman’s legs and Carew scores and yells at me from home plate. Coming from a superstar like him, I wondered why he would belittle himself. I guess I got under his skin. Typical.

On Carlton Fisk: Guys in Boston would tell me, “you’re just a .500 pitcher.” You are what your team is, as a starter. Pissed me off. My control was better, I was spotting the ball. Fisk made me throw all my pitches and stop trying to be just a strikeout pitcher. Which was smart. Writers used to go and ask him, ” How come’s Eckersley is successful?”  and he’d say, ” Well I’ve got him throwing his change outside, and I’ve got….”

He’s got me doing this. He’s got me winning 20 games. Well, he’s got me doing shit! I got to throw it! He helped alot, but don’t take credit for everything! Used to PISS ME OFF. He had the locker next to mine so I would hear it everyday. Maybe that’s why I got irritated after awhile. 


1 thought on “ECK!!!!

  1. steve

    Love that. I haven’t had much of any interaction with major league players, maybe two dozen and that’s not a lot considering how many games and card shows I attended, but these two-Carew and Fisk I both encountered. Carew was the Brewers hitting instructor for a while. He would escape the player’s door with a laptop or some such device and blow everyone off. Looked like someone who took himself too seriously.

    Fisk I met in Sarasota Florida. I used to visit my grandfather there in the winter and we would loiter at Ed Smith field where the White Sox would train. Talk abut a guy-Fisk who gave off an air of “my shit doesn’t smell.” That was him, Mr. Roman Sentinel himself could do no wrong. Cripes. we used to travel the 20 minutes to Bradenton and see the Pirates. Barry Bonds was way more reasonable than Fisk. Bonds signed everything and even grunted a few responses to questions, but he was always getting into heated arguments with Leyland who was the manger of Buc back then.

    Anyway, yeh, Fisk and Carew as great as they were at their respective positions. I wouldn’t want to sit at a bar rail with either one of them unless they were paying, but Eckersley….hell yeh, I’d buy him drinks all night.


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