hipster approved!

It’s a slow day and I’m sitting around drinking beers and watching bad television as my girlfriend gets some work done. So, I figure I’d have to do a spring training update since every other crappy/boring blog is doing it. You know what they say: opinions are like assholes, everyone has one.

The cactus league is getting a bit tedious and meaningless as the managers at this point in time know who is who, what is what, and who is playing where. Daric Barton seems to be shit out of luck as the A’s signed a guy who noone wanted; Nate Freiman (not to be confused with Travis Fryman) who is an impressive 6’6, but seemingly can’t hit for shit. We here at the “‘Fro” are going to have to trust Billy Beane on this one….. Jemile Weeks was sent to AAA because he can’t hit. (kind of like his brother) His only saving grace being that he plays the 2 bag. He’s no Mark Ellis and never will be. Still not sold on Scott Sizemore, he has all the talent in the world and still can’t put it together; I can see why the Tigers dumped him. I’d like to see Eric Sogard get some AB’s at that position considering he’s proved he can hit on every level….. The outfield is full of studs, no gripe here. (not to jump on any bandwagons, but Josh Reddick is my fave player on this team. He’s amazing, got a GUN, and got that crazy passion that I love.) Same with the pitching….. I’m comfortable with Josh Donaldson at the hot corner even though he had a bad spring, and Brandon “Boss” Moss is a solid player at first….. (atleast platoon-wise) The John Jaso/Derrick Norris platoon behind the dish seems ample as we don’t need much production from that position….. (despite Jaso’s defensive faults, he is clutch) It’s a bit comical that A’s fans want to see “set” positions, yet I don’t feel as if that would lead to success. This is a true “team” and I don’t expect any less than an A.L. West title.

1 thought on “hipster approved!

  1. steve

    I got duped by the asian babe and had no idea you would scan the A’s lineup and roster. The gorgeous ladies of America are currently stuck beside dugouts pretending to be broadcasters. I think every FSN affiliate has one. I can’t wait till they give up the briefcase dream and shake their booty under sandwich boards parading around the bases between innings.


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