“catfish” R.I.P.

I’ve been collecting autographs through the mail since I was a kid, and this past year started the unenviable task of trying to collect the autographs of the entire 1969 Oakland A’s team. These players are long retired and generally sign a lot quicker than your modern day MLB player. Obviously, some of these players are no longer with us, so if anyone has one of these autographed cards lying around, i would be willing to trade/buy it. email: cococrispafro@gmail.com and of course, if you need any of these addresses, please feel free to email as well.

#27 Lew Krauss (signed, 1 week)
#44 Danny Cater (signed, 1 week)
#60 Dave Duncan (received, 2 weeks)
#105 Rick Monday (hit or miss ttm signer, sent a request, no answer)
#124 Hank Bauer (oakland manager died from lung cancer in 2007, need)
#143 Joe Nossek (signed, 6 days)
#195 John “Bluemoon” Odom (signed 10 days, also sent a letter stating he would charge 5 dollars from now on)
#217 John Donaldson (signed, 6 days)
#235 Jim “Catfish” Hunter (HOF pitcher died from lou gehrig’s disease in 1999, need)
#260 Reggie Jackson (tricky one since his rookie card is in the 200 dollar range and he also charges 50 bucks for an autograph)
#281 Ted Kubiak (signed, 6 days)
#302 Jim Pagliaroni (died from Lou Gehrig’s disease 2010, need)
#334 Phil Roof (Catfish Hunter’s favorite catcher,signed, 6 days)
#358 Rookie Stars Lauzerique, Rodriquez (can’t find any info on these players, help!)
#371 Sal Bando (was excited to get this one from the A’s great, signed, 2 weeks)
#397 Chuck Dobson (received 6 months)
#423 Bert Campaneris All Star (received, i month)
#467 Tom Reynolds (signed, 1 week)
#495 Bert Campaneris (signed, 11 days, was very happy with this one!!)
#515 Dick Green (signed, 1 week)
#546 Jim Nash (signed, personalized, 1 week)
#556 A’s All Stars Bando, Campaneris, Cater (pending)
#587 Joe Rudi (it’s been 6 months and no answer))
#597 Rollie Fingers (the HOF pitcher’s rookie card, charges 20 bucks a sig, need, pending)
#618 Ramon Webster (this slugging first baseman from Panama fell off the face of the earth, info?)
#638 Ed Sprague Sr. (signed, 1 week)
#655 Mike Hershberger (died following brief illness, need)

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